Patient Testimonials

Dear Mr. Vanty:
I am writing to express our deep appreciation for the quality of service my husband, Michael, received from all of the Atrinity Home Health staff following his shoulder surgery in April.

Michael has mobility challenges from his MS which were further complicated after his surgery since he had onyly one arm to support himself in moving around. His surgeon was initially skeptical about the benefits of in-home physical/occupational therapy vs. out-patient therapy. With each follow-up visit, however, his surgeon was surprised and pleased with his progress.

Without exception, everyone we dealt with from Atrinity was pleasant, professional and helpful. Pam (nurse) was very attentive, checking with the doctor’s office with questions or concerns. Mary, Jody and Sandy each helped with therapy. With only one good limb, the recommendation of a hemi-walker made a huge improvement in his mobility and confidence the first few weeks after surgery and he is still using it. They also worked with him on learning to maneuver his C-300 power chair, further boosting his confidence.

Despite his limitations, Michael hates the word “can’t” and wants to do things himself. He is a fall risk so I was afraid he would really get hurt those first few weeks. He begrudging agreed to have a home health aide during his recovery to avoid a potential fall and setback. Sheila was a ray of sunshine, and he always looked forward to the camaraderie of visits from “My Sheila.” It was a relief to know that she was there to help him with things he otherwise should not attempt or would not be able to do himself. An invaluable lesson, Sheila helped Michael understand that it was okay and, in fact, preferable to wait for assistance with certain things, such as laundry or changing a light bulb. She assisted with his personal care and made sure he actually ate a healthy breakfast or lunch. He notes that she makes the best PBJ sandwiches and he would even have her make extra for the in-between days when she wasn’t coming!

Jenny is truly an angel. She made numerous suggestions which improved daily living and served as a catalyst for further therapeutic options, not just in connection with his shoulder, but more for his overall mobility, health and quality of life. Jenny successfully pushed Michael in his shoulder therapy and opened his mind to new possibilities in general. She emphasized safety and the real consequences of risks he might take, coordinated obtaining a bed-rail which has made it significantly easier for Michael to get out of bed, arranged for a leg brace evaluation, and began the discussion of hand-control options for driving. Among other things, Michael is now seeing a physiatrist at Gaylord to begin working towards using a leg brace. He is also having out-patient PT for his shoulder and reports that the new therapist is very impressed with the level of ability Michael achieved working in-home with Jenny. Congratulations on recruiting such a wonderful staff of caring professionals willing to go the extra mile. We hope you will recognize their efforts. Please extend our sincere thanks to all (hopefully, we didn’t miss any names!) for making a positive difference in Michael’s life.

Kind regards,

Linda and Michael