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Which Home Health Care Provider Can You Trust?

top 100 agency 2015

top 100 agency 2015

When you’re searching for a trustworthy health care provider, pay attention to what the industry says.

Many of us ignore the award logos on web sites or walk past the trophies sitting in the company lobby, taking those symbols of achievement for granted. Truth is, an award can provide a prospective customer with reliable insight, which is absolutely crucial when selecting the right home health care provider. There are few times in our lives when selecting the right company is so stressful because there are few times when we need to hire someone for a job that is so personal and so important.

If you or a loved one is ill, you’re already starting from a place of diminished resources, such as money, time, and just plain old energy. There are many decisions to make and you’ll be making most of those choices for the first time in your life. You won’t have experience to rely on and you’ll be tired from the overwhelming number and complexity of these decisions.

Professional organizations such as OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation and Decision Health are well versed in the field and can afford to spend months evaluating companies based on a set of criteria that was developed and proven over time. When they recognize the top home health agencies, they are identifying the people who can prove their worth in terms of quality outcomes, best practices, patient experience, and rapid functional improvement.

A home health care provider must be certified by Medicare and provide data to describe what they have accomplished even to be considered for the national recognition.

Imagine if you were to compose the criteria, gather the necessary data from all agencies, and then evaluate each to determine the best of the best. You simply don’t have the time to do that work.

That’s the value of an award that recognizes the agencies that deliver in-home health care to patients recovering from an illness or hospitalization. You can review a pre-qualified list of home health care agencies and relax, knowing that you’ve made a positive first step in identifying the best health care provider for yourself or your loved one.

Atrinity Home Health is proud to have been rated a Top 100 Home Care Agency Nationally in 2015, selected from a pool of 9,731 Medicare certified home care agencies throughout the United States.

For us, the award acknowledges our superior service in: skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, joint replacement programs, specialized therapy treatments, chronic disease management, cardiac and pulmonary care, stroke rehabilitation, specialized therapy, wound care, diabetes management and education, pain management, and fall prevention.

Call Atrinity Home Health for more information on how we can work with you to improve your health and quality of life.

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