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Stuff a Bus Thanksgiving Benefit in Hamden, CT

turkey donations

Atrinity Home Health’s Client Relation Coordinators Tanya Alegre and Jaime Szyszka attended the Stuff a Bus Thanksgiving benefit in Hamden CT on Wednesday along with Atrinity’s CEO Tom Vanty.

For the third consecutive year, Atrinity Home Health, LLC proudly donated a truck full of turkeys to the 26th annual food drive, sponsored by KC-101 to benefit the Connecticut Food Bank. This was a wonderful community event and opportunity for the agency to give back. The holidays can be an especially difficult time for individuals and families and Atrinity is grateful to be able to reach out to its neighbors and show its support to neighboring towns. For every $1 donated, Connecticut Food Bank is able to provide two meals to a family in need.

atrinity home health kc101For more information about the Connecticut Food Bank, it’s Thanksgiving For All initiative, or to make a financial donation online, visit

We also would like to want to thank Shelby and Tom at New Britain Costco for allowing us to purchase a large quantity of turkey’s and Ashley, Adam and Tim from IHeart Radio as well as Michael Davidow, Corporate Development Manager at Connecticut Food Bank for making this great event possible. From our home at Atrinity to yours, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday!

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Hartford Courant’s Transitions Living & Planning Expo for Active Adults and Seniors

Transitions Living & Planning ExpoPhoto from yesterdays Hartford Courant’s Transitions Living & Planning Expo for Active Adults and Seniors. This provides families a “one-stop-shop” and guide for families and individuals alike as they plan their own future or the future of their loved ones. For more photos visit:

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September is Pain Awareness Month

pain awareness
Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Atrinity can help families or friends who suffer from such conditions and educate those who experience pain on how to control their symptoms.

In 2001, The American Chronic Pain Association established a pain awareness campaign with a goal of working with the media and public forums to educate the public on the reasons people suffer from chronic and acute pain and what they can do to receive treatment for it.

What Can You Do?

Physical therapy can help patients recover quicker from pain following surgery or injury. If you experience pain, it’s important to educate yourself about your condition and available treatment options.

The Numeric Rating Scale (NRS-11) is an 11-point scale for patient self-reporting of pain. It is for adults and children 10 years old or older.

All of Atrinity Home Health’s therapists are trained to utilize modalities which increase strength faster and decrease pain during therapy. When you feel good, you will want to participate longer and work harder during your physical therapy.

Do the Right Things
Your therapy should be customized to your individual physical needs. A Physical Therapist can develop a program so you’re successful in achieving your goals.

Use the Right Tools
Technology is changing in every industry and healthcare is no exception. The right electronic therapy equipment can improve your progress, decrease pain and maximize your ability to feel good. A professional healthcare organization such as Atrinity Home Health can help you manage your pain by assessing your individual situation and designing a program that helps you feel better faster.

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Orthopedic Rehab: Debunking the Myths

If you are facing a health problem such as the need for joint replacement surgery, you’ve probably heard a few horror stories. Your friends and family will repeat experiences they’ve heard from a friend of a friend or an acquaintance of a coworker who they once met… there’s a bit of similarity between stories about bad healthcare experiences and urban legends. Something bad happened to someone but the story is impossible to verify; the implication is that it is supposed to be true and therefore a real risk for you personally.

Before you go worrying yourself for nothing, educate yourself. When you hear the story that a nurse pushed a patient right from the recovery bed into the hallway for a long walk down a cold, fluorescent lit path, learn what’s really taking place. The story is probably a dramatic distortion of the truth, which involved a professional orthopedic rehabilitation therapist and a carefully guided recovery plan.

Rehabilitation is a key part of recovery. Surgery can only fix the injured part of your body, but rehab is the driving force that keeps the healing process on track and moving forward.

Orthopedic rehabilitation refers to work done to help muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons heal. Therapists work in several different ways to address rehabilitation needs including gait training, strengthening, and re-education of activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing.

A proper rehab session can decrease swelling and increase circulation after surgery, which are important aspects of treatment; it’s just not good practice to take pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs alone. While medications help, it’s better to reduce the amount of prescriptions needed by helping the body get well faster. As your blood moves more efficiently and quickly, you distribute resources needed, such as nutrients or oxygen, and carry away toxins from your joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones.

Of course, you were used to movements such as walking before you went in for surgery. However, a qualified medical professional will not simply ask you to walk without assessing your current capabilities and ensuring your movement after surgery will not cause you harm. Together, you will develop a plan that can start with something as basic as learning how to move in and out of a car when leaving the hospital to the long term goal of being independent again and not homebound.

A good healthcare provider working in your home is a real benefit because it’s likely that your house was not built as a rehab center. You may need to learn to manage stairs or a bathroom without handicap amenities. You may need training to properly change dressings to prevent infection after your surgery.

Talking to the right orthopedic rehab professional will ensure you can get well not only faster but with less frustration and a lower likelihood of readmission due to injury or infection.

As a Home Care Elite Top 100 Agency, Atrinity Home Health is the preferred choice. Doctors, family, and friends recommend us for same day joint rehab at home not just because we were the first in Connecticut to offer this critical service but because we have the experience and skill to make your rehab experience successful.

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Dehydration: What It Is and How to Avoid It!


dehydrationDehydration is simple to understand—it occurs when a person does not take in enough water to replace what’s been lost throughout the day.

The causes of dehydration can be as simple as forgetting to drink because the day is so busy or sweating because the day is hot or you’ve been exercising. Illness can also be a factor, such as when you are running a fever or suffering from diarrhea or vomiting. Even a small change such as a sore throat can mean we don’t take in the fluids we need.

Dehydration can occur with more serious problems, such as undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes because it causes you to urinate more frequently. Medications like diuretics, water pills, or drugs to control blood pressure can also cause the body to lose fluids through urination or perspiration.

Age increases the risk of dehydration because the body’s ability to conserve water is reduced, the thirst sense becomes less acute, and sometimes we forget to eat or drink since our body isn’t craving fluids.

There are generally two types of symptoms associated with dehydration: mild to moderate and severe.

Mild to Moderate Dehydration Symptoms

Your mouth might feel dry or sticky and you might feel tired. A decreased urine output or constipation are also symptoms as are headaches. If you feel light headed or dizzy when you change position, you may be a little dehydrated.

Severe Dehydration Symptoms

These symptoms are indications of a medical emergency and should be addressed immediately: extreme thirst, very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes, little or no urination or urine is darker than normal, sunken eyes, skin that doesn’t “bounce back” when you squeeze it, white finger tips that don’t return to a pink color after someone presses the fingertip, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, fever, delirium or unconsciousness.

If you think you’re dehydrated, the best thing to do is drink fluids. Water and sports drinks should set you right in a very short time.

However, if you have medical issues or are suffering from a chronic disease, call the doctor right away, especially if you have severe diarrhea, bloody or black stool, can’t keep fluids down, or are irritable/disoriented.

Your doctor will want to know what’s happened to you so writing a list of your symptoms can be very helpful. Include notes about changes in your diet or exercise and the medications you’re taking, including over the counter medicine.

Treatment is usually focused on drinking water or liquids other than fruit juices, carbonated beverages or coffee, which can make diarrhea worse. Extreme cases of dehydration often respond well to an IV of fluids and do not require hospital admission.

Of course, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Drink when you feel thirsty and always drink during exercise without waiting to feel thirsty. Remember that you will need more water when the weather is warm and you tend to sweat more. Stick to shade or cool indoor areas.

Always remember to ask for help when you need it. Home health care agencies like Atrinity Home Health want to be there for you and are happy to answer questions when you’re not feeling well.

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Happy Older Americans Month!

older-americans-monthDid you know that May is Older Americans Month? The Administration for Community Living has a web page dedicated to this annual celebration honoring the contributions that older adults make every day and in every way. You can visit to participate in the 2016 theme of Blaze a Trail. Better yet, find a wonderful older adult in your life and go there with them, posting a selfie of how your favorite older American is blazing a trail and making a difference in this world!

Last year, the month of May also marked the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act (OAA). Decades ago, there were fewer social services for older adults. That meant greater pressure on children or, worse, that some of our senior citizens were going without the basics like a hot meal. OAA allowed for programs such as meals-on-wheels, home and community based long term care, and area senior centers. OAA also supports in-home services that allow our elders to age in place and do so with dignity.

Some of us take for granted that we can have quality healthcare at home, making it easier to recover from surgery or illness or to simply manage chronic health issues. When you’re not feeling well, even simple tasks are harder and it can be stressful just to get to a doctor’s office or healthcare facility. A professional home health care agency who can come to you can be such a relief.

It’s probably not a coincidence that May is also time for National Nurses Week (May 6 to 12) and National Nursing Home Week (May 8 to 14). As we age, we need these types of resources and appreciate the skills and care they provide. Of course, older adults are different today than they were when the OAA was created. Today, people are not only living healthier, longer lives but more active lives as well.

Sometimes, an active life means a tumble or a pulled muscle. You might even need surgery and rehab to get back your full range of motion. Compared to previous generations, today’s healthcare consumers are tech savvy and advocate for themselves. They want access to nursing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They expect experienced and highly trained nurses and therapists.

While it may amaze those who once dreamt of the OAA, these demands are reasonable in 2016. If you are asking anything less of your home health provider, you’re cheating yourself.

Companies like Atrinity Home Health put you first, day after day, week after week, throughout the year by delivering a high level of care and treatment following an illness, injury, surgery or inpatient stay.

This month, switch things around and thank a nurse or take a moment to visit someone in a nursing home, even if it’s only to tell a staff member that they’re something special. May is a good time to remember that it’s the little things in life that count and our older Americans are rich with experiences that should be treasured.

Happy Older Americans Month!

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Selecting the Right Home Health Care Provider

comprehensive-careIf your car spends too much time with your mechanic, do you assume the car is a lemon and start shopping for a replacement? What if you need rehabilitation at home to recover from an accident or illness but keep returning to the hospital? Buying a new body isn’t an option.

However, perhaps the car is really a good vehicle and your body can get and stay healthy; perhaps the problem is the quality of care. Finding the right home health care agency is very important but challenging because few of us will take the time to compare the quality of care between healthcare providers until we experience an illness or injury. At that point, we don’t feel well and research just isn’t fun.

What is the best way to find the right home health care solutions for you or a loved one? Having a set of questions ready is a good place to start:

What is the agency’s re-admission rate?

Just as a repair shop’s reputation indicates if you will spend more than you should on your car, a home health care agency’s re-admission rate is an important tool in examining the effectiveness of treatment you might receive there. A high rate would be difficult to explain away as a large population of very ill people who just can’t seem to get better. The likelihood is that the care is not appropriate or delivered in a way that is just not helping the patient. Positive outcomes for other patients means better care for you.

What resources are available?

Very few car parts wear out the day before a warranty expires; it’s more likely we find ourselves in need of medical care later in the evening or on weekends. You will want access to nursing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will want those people to be experienced and highly trained highly trained nurses and therapists.

Is the staff trustworthy?

The best home health care agencies will check employee references thoroughly. A home care provider is, by definition, invited into your home and the home health care provider should take the time to vet the people who come to you, not just for professional skills but for trustworthiness, too.

How will you pay for these services?

You’ve done the right thing by ensuring your insurance coverage is appropriate so why pick a home health care provider that doesn’t accept your insurance? Health care is expensive so you’ll want a reasonable way to pay for your individualized care and the support you need.

Are the technology and techniques up to date?

Advances in medicine are always happening. You deserve the best care available, with the most experienced clinical team and trained therapists behind those gadgets.

For example, Atrinity Home Health is Connecticut’s only home health provider that utilizes Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) in a home setting. PENS is a proven way to offer therapeutic success when a patient is limited in voluntary movements because it can be applied to nerves, sensory neurons, muscle stretch receptors and muscles to induce exercise.

Only highly trained professionals can provide specialized treatments in your home so make sure you get the best care possible from a provider that has a proven reputation. Atrinity Home Health’s re-hospitalization prevention achievement and star ratings are indicators of the range of services and quality care provided by staff that cares about your health and future.

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Which Home Health Care Provider Can You Trust?

top 100 agency 2015

top 100 agency 2015

When you’re searching for a trustworthy health care provider, pay attention to what the industry says.

Many of us ignore the award logos on web sites or walk past the trophies sitting in the company lobby, taking those symbols of achievement for granted. Truth is, an award can provide a prospective customer with reliable insight, which is absolutely crucial when selecting the right home health care provider. There are few times in our lives when selecting the right company is so stressful because there are few times when we need to hire someone for a job that is so personal and so important.

If you or a loved one is ill, you’re already starting from a place of diminished resources, such as money, time, and just plain old energy. There are many decisions to make and you’ll be making most of those choices for the first time in your life. You won’t have experience to rely on and you’ll be tired from the overwhelming number and complexity of these decisions.

Professional organizations such as OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation and Decision Health are well versed in the field and can afford to spend months evaluating companies based on a set of criteria that was developed and proven over time. When they recognize the top home health agencies, they are identifying the people who can prove their worth in terms of quality outcomes, best practices, patient experience, and rapid functional improvement.

A home health care provider must be certified by Medicare and provide data to describe what they have accomplished even to be considered for the national recognition.

Imagine if you were to compose the criteria, gather the necessary data from all agencies, and then evaluate each to determine the best of the best. You simply don’t have the time to do that work.

That’s the value of an award that recognizes the agencies that deliver in-home health care to patients recovering from an illness or hospitalization. You can review a pre-qualified list of home health care agencies and relax, knowing that you’ve made a positive first step in identifying the best health care provider for yourself or your loved one.

Atrinity Home Health is proud to have been rated a Top 100 Home Care Agency Nationally in 2015, selected from a pool of 9,731 Medicare certified home care agencies throughout the United States.

For us, the award acknowledges our superior service in: skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, joint replacement programs, specialized therapy treatments, chronic disease management, cardiac and pulmonary care, stroke rehabilitation, specialized therapy, wound care, diabetes management and education, pain management, and fall prevention.

Call Atrinity Home Health for more information on how we can work with you to improve your health and quality of life.

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Atrinity Home Health Annual Toys for Tots Donation

toys for tots

toys for tots
Atrinity Home Health annual Toys for Tots donation. On the left is Jennifer Venturini, Administrator with Tom Vanty, CEO on the right

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Atrinity Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Donation

turkey donation

turkey donation
Atrinity annual Thanksgiving turkey donation – Left is Tanya Alegre, Client Relations Coordinator and Right, Tom Vanty, CEO